How to choose a Lawyer in Cyprus

Find legal help in Cyprus: Choose a Lawyer or service provider you can trust!

If you are buying property, starting a business, dealing with personal family matters, or even immigration or visa assistance in Cyprus, these are all circumstances that will require recruiting a trustworthy Lawyer that knows the local laws and legal procedures and can advise you respectively.

So here is some advice based on our own experience, and in this article, we will cover requiring a Lawyer for property and land purposes.


Your Cyprus Solicitor

Many first time property buyers in Cyprus find a Lawyer through their property advisors. This is fairly common practice, especially when you are pressed for time and have little idea or recommendations of who to choose in the first place.

However, care has to be taken here!  If your chosen legal counsel works closely with your Cyprus property developer. The island is small, and a conflict of interest should be avoided where possible as your best interests have to be at the forefront of your Lawyers work and actions, as opposed to your property developer!

A good Cyprus property lawyer will be a specialist in property law in Cyprus and will know the answer to any questions you may have. We have a step-by-step guide to purchasing property in Cyprus which has answers to some basic Q&A’s you can read more about.

Ensure you take time to fully research the credentials of your Cyprus Solicitor and ask for references or recommendations if you have any doubts or are unsure about whether to proceed. It may sound obvious, however your Lawyer should speak your own language fluently to avoid any miscommunications, and to be able to effectively translate any documents from your home country. English will be a given in most cases, as many Cypriot lawyers have been UK trained, as the law in Cyprus is also based on Common Law principles.

Large property developers will have a set contract if you are purchasing land or a house, whereas smaller developers may not (your Solicitor can draw a contract from scratch for you, which will be the best option if you are buying a Cyprus off plan property or you are thinking to opt for a unique build.) Either way, your contract should be amended according to your wishes by your Lawyer, as standard procedure.

Make sure your Lawyer gives you full information about the various planning permits needed and what significance they all hold specifically for you. For instance, whether you require permits, generally speaking both a building permit and a planning permit are required. The town (planning) permit is typically the most important document for foreigners wishing to purchase property in Cyprus.

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