Hiring Foreigners & Third Country Nationals as a Cyprus Employer

The Department of Labour in Cyprus is the body that controls and regulates the employment of foreign or third country nationals. Their main goal is to provide relief for the short term needs in the current job market; in whatever economic fields and occupations are lacking in order to decide what percentage of foreign nationals can make up the workforce in Cyprus companies.

The Cyprus Council of Ministers receives and examines employer’s applications to get the necessary approval to hire third country nationals. There is a basic prerequisite for the admission of non-EU permits is the lack of projections to meet the current needs of the employer by the local job market, which will be ascertained following an investigation of the relevant service within the Cyprus department of labour. Additionally, all non-EU residents must initially apply for a work permit prior to travelling to Cyprus if they would like to legitimately work in Cyprus.

Typically, the conditions for the approval of a work permit in Cyprus are the following:

  • The unavailability of suitably qualified local or EU personnel who satisfy the specific needs of the employers.
  • Cost saving and better use of the local or EU workforce.
  • An improvement in working conditions at the company as a result of hiring the employee.

Furthermore, the decisions of the relevant Ministerial Committee on the suitability of foreign workers are taken into account for the purpose of examining these applications. This Committee also works directly with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Commerce, Industry & Tourism; Labour & Social Insurance governmental departments to form a strategic plan for the employment of foreigners that benefits both Cyprus and the company accordingly.

The main aim of the Labour Department in Cyprus is to work together is to maintain the smooth operation of the Cyprus job market and to ensure the equal treatment between foreign and local employees according to EU rulings and obligations.

If you would like more information on hiring foreign nationals within your company, contact us we can help you effectively structure your departments according to Cyprus employment legislation.


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