The Benefits of Obtaining a Cyprus Passport

A substantially increasing number of non-nationals have chosen Cyprus to migrate or set a business up, due to its Mediterranean location, favourable tax rates, combined with mild winter climate and low crime rate.

Why is obtaining Cyprus citizenship beneficial?

  • Cyprus citizens are entitled to live and work in any country in Europe without applying for visa.
  • A Cyprus passport allows travel to over 140 countries worldwide without having to apply for a visa.
  • Cyprus citizens can be issued visas quickly to other countries at little to sometimes no cost.
  • Cyprus passports provide access to the best educational & health care institutions within the EU.
  • Cyprus allows for individuals to have dual citizenship (2 passports).
  • Dual citizenship is an effective tool used for tax planning and may also protect against political instability.

The Cyprus Investment Scheme scheme allows investors to obtain citizenship in Cyprus by various methods of investing or depositing finances into the dynamic & diverse EU economy.

The scheme allows non-EU nationals and their families to ascertain Cyprus citizenship and consequently an EU passport by participating as a Shareholder, incorporating a company or investing in Alternative Investment Funds.

There are a number of ways to do this; last year, the Council of Ministers in Cyprus announced an updated procedure and a new set of criteria for investors wishing to apply for the scheme, making it more favorable than ever before. The said amendments are to further attract foreign direct investment to the island. Read on to find out more about the amended requirements.

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Have you seen the March 2019 Requirement Updates?

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