Employer’s Obligations in Cyprus: Who is Covered?

Employers in Cyprus have an obligation to their employees, applicable to the terms and conditions as specified in the relevant contractual agreement. In the event of any disagreements arising, the Department of Labour will offer support and protection in case of any breach of contract by the employer. However, who does the legislation actually cover?

The Principal Law providing for an Employer’s Obligation to Inform Employees of the Conditions Applicable to the Contract lays out Cyprus employer’s obligation to inform employees of the full terms of the contract and sets minimum information requirements; which has been in force to protect employees from entering into vague or unclear employment relations since 2000, and was amended further in 2007.

Who is covered?

The Law is applicable to every employee that has signed a contract of employment in the private, public and semi-governmental sector in the Republic of Cyprus. If you are unsure of whether your contract falls under this category, you can contact the Department of Labour, who can clarify your contract type and what rights you have as a legitimate employee.

Who is not covered?

The legislation does not apply to employees with a contract of employment:

  • That has a total duration of less than one month, or a working week with less than eight hours in total.
  • Of a casual and/or specific nature, in such cases, that any non-application is justified using objective considerations by an independent council.

Employer penalties for non-compliance

Any employer found to be in violation of any of the above provisions will be found guilty and shall be liable to a fine, typically to the amount of €850. The burden of proof that the omission of information was of justifiable cause and stays with the employee.

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