10 Most In-Demand Occupations in Cyprus

Thinking of moving to Cyprus this year? If so, you will most probably need to find work for yourself or family. Is your field of work on the list? If so, you likely will have a higher chance of finding employment sooner. However the economy is continually improving. Working in other sectors will also be fruitful.

Below are some of the most in demand positions in 2020 in Cyprus, according to data supplied by Eurostat: 

1. Nurses

Nurses are some of the most sought-after employees in the world. Including Cyprus, almost every European country is seeking new nurses, as are Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This is largely the result of long hours and unsociable shift patterns.

2. Auditors

At the other end of the spectrum, auditors don’t generally earn more than € 22,000 a year, which could well be the reason for the current shortage across Europe, the US, Chile and Australia.

3. Engineers

Engineers are wanted generally everywhere in the world. With the term engineer being in the scope of:

  • Electronic engineers.
  • Civil engineers.
  • Engineering managers.
  • Mechanical engineers.
  • Industrial engineers.

There are so many roles that stem the engineering field because there is an increasing demand of companies for highly-skilled engineers to create and build high-quality systems, from industrial to product design and testing.

4. Dentistry

Looking inside the mouths of stranger’s maybe doesn’t sound like the most appealing career for many, but does come with a good salary. The high salaries don’t seem to be enough to entice many, as European countries such as Finland, France and Cyprus are all searching for more Dentists.

5. Software Development

Software is taking over and influencing the working world as we know it. As human reliance on computers continues to develop, so does the demand for people to build and manage the software at an exponential growth rate. It is now the most in demand profession around the world. Being a software developer takes expertise and training; however you will receive good remuneration in Cyprus in exchange for this.

6. Sales Executives

Even with the prospect of relatively good commission and a respectable salary, sales jobs in Cyprus are extremely hard to fill. While there could be many reasons for the lack, researchers have found it’s predominantly because young people are disinclined to enter a field where success can comes down to a number. Sales executives are most desired across Europe and the US.

7. Pharmacists

While the US and Canada have more pharmacists than job prospects, Europe is struggling with a shortage of eager applicants. This comes despite the average salary for a pharmacist in Cyprus earning €25,000 in higher cases.

8. Machine Operatives

Manual labor is much more in demand than office-based jobs in Cyprus, where positions are filled incredibly easily. This is especially the case for machine operatives, who handle heavy machinery on a daily basis. You’ll find the highest amount of job ads for this role in France, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and Austria however due to Cyprus’ vast agricultural regions; there are many farming and industrial positions that go unfilled.

9. Accountants

Accountants are in high demand due to their statistical and technical knowledge in most places. Larnaca is quite a business centre so many Accountants live and work here, however in Paphos and Limassol, they are highly sought after. They can also be paid a large salary if successful; however there just aren’t enough of them in Cyprus. Most positions are available in Europe; however there are also shortages in South America.

Please note that the Eurostat website only took skilled professions into account. Some jobs in the tourism and hospitality industry, for instance were not counted.

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