Why Foreign Workers Can’t Work in the Public Sector in Cyprus

Many people arrive in Cyprus without having previous employment, hoping to find work there, so after you start working for a new company, what about your rights as an employee in Cyprus and the employment laws on the island?

The legislation regarding employment in Cyprus currently states that the government must strictly oversee the list of professions for which a non-resident of the republic can be contractually and legally employed.

Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and other service workers may not be able to find work in the public sector; the labour law on the island is designed to protect the public sector from the influx of foreigners, accordingly, the authorities are more inclined to provide jobs to resident job seekers, and then utilise the migrant force.

Many Russians obtain banking and other public sector work due to their additional language capabilities, however generally other EU citizens speaking English will have a much lower chance of being employed compared to Greek and English speaking Cypriots. For many professions it is envisaged to carry out attestations and other procedures giving rights to work in a given specialty vocation.

If you would like more information on hiring foreign nationals within your company, contact us we can help you effectively structure your departments according to Cyprus employment legislation.


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