University of Cyprus Rises in Global Rankings

According to Webometrics Worldwide Ranking of Universities, during the past 18 months the University of Cyprus has increased its global ranking by 133 places, now sitting at 695th spot, up from 830th position in 2016.

Webometrics Global Ranking of Universities is an electronic system for all the universities worldwide calculated using a complex indicator that takes into account the volume of web pages and files and the visibility and impact of these publications online as per the number of citations received. It is an enterprise of the, a research group belonging to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the major public research sector in Spain.

The University of Cyprus now has a better ranking, beating Aston University in Birmingham, the University of Massachusetts in Boston and Manchester Met University in the UK respectively. The university also ranks in seventh place among Greek speaking institutions, coming in at a higher place than universities such as the University of Macedonia and the Athens University of Economics.

The Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR) has a second league table, where the University of Cyprus has ranked in 893th position, shooting up from the 929th place it held last year in 2016.

The CWUR publishes global rankings of the top 1,000 universities globally, and the model bases their figures by measuring the quality of student training and faculty members, focusing more on material evidence such as their education program and the level of the education board in each institution. Cyprus has seen an impressive jump in recent years, especially considering less than 5 years ago Cyprus didn’t rank on any of the main leaderboards.

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