The Rise in Organised Crime & Robberies in Cyprus

Worried locals around the main cities in Cyprus are considering employing a local private security firms as a measure against a rising number of island wide burglaries and organised crime taking place.

There have been reports of burglars entering houses while residents are asleep, according to residents of a village in Tala, Paphos where over the last few months they say break-ins have become a regular occurrence.

Kamares is a luxury hillside development overlooking Paphos, with many of its residents being wealthy expats from Russia, China and the UK who relocated to the area because of the peace and safety, has this become a thing of the past?

Nicosia has also been having news headlines typical of what you would see in larger cities, as a 29-year-old man was imprisoned by the Nicosia court for eight days on Saturday in connection with the death of an 80 year old retired teacher, who was found gagged and tied up in her home in last month.

Additionally in Nicosia 33-year-old man has admitted to killing a couple found stabbed to death in the bedroom of their Nicosia home last month in what appears to have been a botched robbery, police told a Nicosia court on Friday.

“Unfortunately, this year the situation has got much worse on the island. It seems that some crimes are being committed by professional gangs that are targeting certain homes in hopes of finding cash and other goods.”

Cyprus Police have been quick to point out that as for reported burglary figures, the first four months of 2018 have dropped considerably compared to the same period last year. From the period of January to April of 2018 there have been 64 robberies whereas in 2017 there were 117.

A police spokesman released a statement regarding the high number of break ins and urges residents to be extra careful when securing homes at night.


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