The Blue Lagoon- Akamas

The Blue Lagoon is situated deep within the Akamas peninsula park within the Paphos district. It is approximately 12 km from Polis and stands to be one of the most memorable coastlines in Cyprus.

The Akamas Peninsula is a cape in the Northwest tip of Cyprus and one of the least inhabited places and is very popular for off the road drivers. It is known for its wildlife especially the turtles at Lara Bay Beach. The Blue Lagoon boasts the most incredible and beautiful crystal clear turquoise waters to rival that of Bali or the Maldives. Relax on the smooth sand on the beach while docking the boat at the lagoon. It is a popular site for snorkelling and water sports as well, whether its jet skis or jumping off a slide into the waters.

There are various boat trips that venture up to the Blue Lagoon. The boats usually depart from Latchi, a village in the Polis district, some  from the centre of Paphos, known as Kato Paphos, and then cruise up to the Blue Lagoon. Numerous boats will dock there for the afternoon while its passengers play in the water and dive off the boat.

Not to be Missed

Most trips offer a traditional Cypriot barbecue and food with the likes of souvla marinated in red wine and greek salad. The best of the boatrips however would be the Glass Bottom Boats, which can be found in the Latchi Harbour. This way you can really see the underwater life of the lagoon.

Top Tip

The best way to do the boatrip would be to go to Latchi harbour and get a glass bottom boat from there. Take lots of sunscreen and hats as there is virtually no shade on the beach or if you are outside on the boat. Even though food is provided, you are free to take whatever you like with you, notably extra bottles of water for those extremely hot days in summer.


The Blue Lagoon is in the Polis district which is approximately 30 min drive from Kato Paphos via the Polis road, and can only be accessed by boat which you would get from the Latchi harbour.

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