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Cyprus Property: Stricter Legislation for Lenders Increases Borrower Protection

Cyprus recently implemented an EU Directive, introducing a number of regulations and obligations upon lenders and credit institutions which significantly protects borrower’s interests when granting of housing loans. The legislation governs loan agreements that are secured with mortgages or similar securities relating to immovable properties used for housing purposes....

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Finance your Home with Eltoma Property: How to Apply for a Mortgage in Cyprus

According to recent figures, Cyprus has one of the highest percentages of approval rates for granting loans within Europe, more specifically to non-Cyprus residents. Eltoma Property can assist both residents and non-residents with obtaining a mortgage for property or land in Cyprus, the application procedure with our associate banking...

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Acquisition of Title Deeds for a Cyprus Property

When purchasing a property in Cyprus, the title deeds are important legal documents that secure and clarify ownership of the land/building. You may also hear them being referred to as Certificates of Registration of Immovable Property or simply a Certificate of Ownership. In the event of a dispute arising...

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