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Common Contractual Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Cyprus Property

Have you conducted all the relevant research for purchasing your new property in Cyprus? Now it’s the vital final stages; signing the contracts and finalising all agreements. A common scenario for many property owners on the island is that even after transferring funds to secure the property, the title...

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Finance your Home with Eltoma Property: How to Apply for a Mortgage in Cyprus

According to recent figures, Cyprus has one of the highest percentages of approval rates for granting loans within Europe, more specifically to non-Cyprus residents. Eltoma Property can assist both residents and non-residents with obtaining a mortgage for property or land in Cyprus, the application procedure with our associate banking...

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How to Purchase a Property in Cyprus (a Step-by-Step Guide)

The slow paced Mediterranean lifestyle, ideal climate and convenient location make the Republic of Cyprus a popular island for purchasing property; from young families to retirees. Whether you are looking to permanently relocate, or purchase an additional holiday home, Eltoma Property can assist you with the entire procedure. Read...

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