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European Countries are Offering Citizenship for Investment: 2018-19

The passport-via-investment market first came into existence in the 80's, when the exotic islands of St Kitts & Nevis first decided to bring additional foreign investment into the country in return for passports. Countries across the world copied the concept with their own schemes to provide foreign investors with...

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Expat Life: Do Locals Really Have an Advantage Over Foreign Employees?

While locals typically have the edge over foreign employees in hiring and promotion processes due to language advantages; understanding typical customs during interviews, to even knowing the office area well. However, an observer from Frederick University in Nicosia says there is a lot to be said for expats who...

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Cyprus Announces Limit on Passport-by-Investment Scheme

 The Council of Ministers has responded to criticisms and has announced that the island will be limiting the number of naturalisations of investors granted under the citizenship by investment scheme to 700 a year going forward, starting this year. The citizenship-by-investment scheme will also be renamed the “Cypriot Investment...

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Naming the Latest Wealthy Russian Elite Gaining Cyprus Citizenship in 2018

A batch of new high profile Russian Oligarchs have been leaked as gaining EU passports and visa free access to Europe under the Cyprus Citizenship-by-Investment Programme. The disclosures have undoubtedly caused a stir as concerned politicians worry about the large numbers of the Russian and Ukrainian elite who have...

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Cyprus: Who are the Wealthy Elite That Bought EU Citizenship?

A leaked list of names reveals the extent to which Russian and Ukrainian politically elite have driven Cyprus’s citizenship-by-investment schemes which, according to the government, has generated over €4B in Cyprus based investments since 2013. Prior to 2013, Cypriot citizenship was granted on a flexible basis by MPs, in...

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Issuing Cyprus Residency Permits for Foreign Nationals

We can assist in the application for a Cyprus Residency Permit for Foreign Nationals and looking for work in Cyprus. Our services extend to companies such as setting up a business and employing foreign nationals in Cyprus. The Cyprus Residence Permit is colloquially referred to as the yellow slip,...

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