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Cyprus Property Demand on the Continued Rise: Risk of Property Bubble?

Asked recently about the rapid growth of high-rise apartments and building ventures in Limassol, the Chief of the Department of Lands & Surveys in Cyprus stressed that the only concern is whether the high demand will create another property bubble as history repeats itself. The Chief also stipulated that...

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Cyprus Passport For Investment Scheme Under Fire Once Again

Cyprus Immigration Attourney Dimitri Dimitriades, working in the field of the Cyprus citizenship by Investment Scheme has spoken out defending the controversial programme which has raised an approximate €5 billion euros in investment into the Cyprus property market and economy. While political rapport has been strained with Russia and...

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Strong Growth Prospects for Cyprus: 2017 Economic Update

Cyprus is currently undergoing a broad based recovery, with assurance and stability returning after three years of ruthless reforms and austerity measures to stabilise the financial sector and refine public capital. Economic growth on the island is now driven by stable consumption and a vibrant tourism sector. Let’s look...

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