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Everything you Need to Know About Corporate Taxation in Cyprus

The corporate taxation rate for Cyprus is 12.5%. Certain income types are also subject to a special contribution for defense. If you have recently set up your business entity, you should ensure that to do the following soon after incorporating: Register for company tax. Keep accounting records. Prepare a...

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Are Cyprus high-rise buildings in line with modern fire safety regulations?

Following rising concerns from the recent Glenfell tower block fire that killed many people in London, authorities in Cyprus have been responding to concerns about the fire safety measures in the influx of tall buildings scattered across the island with skyscrapers planned in Limassol. Fire safety officials have reassured...

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What Traditional Offices Can Learn From Their Co-working Counterparts?

Co-working is usually referred to when professionals share a working environment or office, however are not employed by the same organisation. Typically, this style of working is attractive to freelancers, work-from-home professionals or those whose work involves travelling frequently and are exposed to working in relative isolation. Due to...

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