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Cyprus vs Portugal From an Expats Perspective

What really are the differences between 2 similar EU destinations for an expat that has experienced both? This article considers the advantages and drawbacks between island Mediterranean life in Cyprus and continental Portugal. While many European countries attract significant numbers of expats there is no doubt that Portugal and...

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Cyprus Food: What Can You Expect From the Local Offering?

Cypriots love food, so it’s therefore no surprise that the countries local cuisine is so expansive and rich. Due to the islands geographical location there is an interesting combination of traditional Greek, Turkish and Arabic culinary influences. At the weekend, families and friends get together either to eat at...

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The Climate in Cyprus: Something for Everyone

Cyprus is a popular tourist destination for its favourable climate and year-round sunshine. The weather contributes to the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle in a typical subtropical climate. This gives the island somewhat of an edge over other European destinations due to the extended summer months where sunbathing weather may not...

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