Renovating Unlicensed Property or Land in Cyprus


If you are looking to buy land or property for the purpose of renovating, the following article will examine the requirements and particulars associated with the legal process of starting construction in Cyprus.

The Cyprus Municipal Council has the power to issue a building permit under which business or building owners are allowed to make renovations or structural modifications to the land or property.


  • The permit application must relate to works in accordance with the Streets & Buildings Legislation.
  • A town planning permit must be approved & issued before any invasive or non-invasive construction commences.
  • The building permit is valid for a maximum of 3 years.

Renewing a Permit

To renew a permit for a building without a license in Cyprus, the construction must be essential and in progress, with on-going work being completed when the permit expires. As long as the town planning permit is valid, the construction must have started and left incomplete essentially.

At the time of the renewal of the license, a District Officer in Cyprus has the power to modify the issuance terms or even dismiss the application for renewal, provided the power derives from a later and applicable regulation and that the new or the amended terms or the dismissal relate to the works which haven’t been completed.


It is a criminal offence to construct a building or commence renovations without a license and anyone who does so automatically imposes an administrative fine in addition to any other penalty, the court may order the demolition of the building or any part thereof within a period of two months, unless in the meantime a permit is obtained from the relevant authority.

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