Olesya Dmitrieva MC, MA.

Real Estate Agent: Cyprus

Olesya graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a degree in Tourism & Hospitality and Masters degree in Estate Planning. For most of Olesya’s working career, she has been a Property Consultant & Estate Agent based in St. Petersburg before moving to Cyprus and joining Eltoma Property’s team. Now Olesya works as the Chief Real Estate Manager in the Cyprus office; with pleasure and professionalism she makes tailored property selections for all our clients!

Natalia Bukatnikova

Сontent Manager: Russia

Natalia graduated from 2 Universities in the Far East of Russia. After attending the International Institute of Finance, Credit and Banking in 2006 and receiving a degree in International Economy and qualifying as an Economist; 3 years later Natalia also studied and received a diploma in Journalism. Natalia’s skills include writing technical text and content for the website; prior to joining Eltoma she worked as a copywriter in advertising at a digital agency and joined Eltoma Property one year ago.