Just Moved to Cyprus? Life on the Island From an Expat

Cyprus allows residents the freedom to enjoy life at a slower pace in a welcoming environment.

The island is small enough to ensure that you feel a sense of familiarity, and large enough to allow entertainment for all ages and lifestyles, Cyprus offers life’s simple pleasures under almost guaranteed sun year round. (Having approximately 330 days of sunshine per year) with the option to ski in the mountains for two to three months of the year!

Relax at the beach, swim in clear mild water, explore un-spoilt nature trails and visit the some of the islands many ancient landmarks. Cyprus really does have something for everyone.

Education & Schooling in Cyprus

Cyprus offers a variety of respectable public and private schools, all providing excellent levels of education. The local Colleges and Universities are recognised internationally but for those wishing to further their education abroad, schools following the British Education System, or preparing candidates for entry into Universities in Europe or the United States, are also available.

Accommodation on the Island

There is a wide range of properties for foreigners available for renting or purchasing. Should you wish to purchase a house, all property in Cyprus is freehold and may be passed on to your descendants without the burden of paying inheritance tax. You control the property from the moment you sign the contract of sale and immediately deposit it with the Land Registry in Cyprus.

Property prices in Cyprus are much lower than the average in Western Europe, making it possible to own a second home for holidays or retirement, or solely to take advantage of a sound investment opportunity due to the value of steady appreciation over time. There has been a sharp increase in rental prices over 2019, however salaries have also grown to match the fluctuating prices.

Communication & the Language Barrier in Cyprus

Greek is the native language in Cyprus, however English is the second most spoken language and is taught to an extremely high standard, English is also the official business language on the island, not Greek. Additionally, due to the growing Russian population and increasing number of Russian businesses in Cyprus, Russian is also widely spoken.


Healthcare in Cyprus

As a member of the European Union, Cyprus offers excellent healthcare services in public hospitals, at a significantly lower cost than most EU countries, as well as in private and specialist clinics and hospitals with an average charge of approximately €30 for each visit.

If you are from the UK, until December 2019, your EHIC Card is still valid in any European destination for free of charge. If you are from the Russian Federation or China, taking out a healthcare plan can be a reasonable and favourable option for a very high level of private healthcare.

Safety on the Island

Cyprus boasts an extremely low crime rate, especially in comparison to other countries in Europe, and always makes the top 5 one of the safest places to reside. Over 2019, the crime level has definitely been on the rise, however, it is still relatively comparatively to other European destinations.


The Cost of Living in Cyprus

If you are moving to Cyprus for business opportunities, you are thinking of registering a company on the island, or just planning a holiday, and are wondering about how much you will spend on day-to-day goods on average.

Click to view this table depicting average prices for general goods and services from a few years ago which is still relevant to todays costs for food, goods and services.

This is the one European country where the comparatively low cost of living allows for a high standard of living. While imported food and drink can be quite pricey, real savings can be made on rental prices and energy bills which are remarkably low.


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