Issuing Cyprus Residency Permits for Foreign Nationals

We can assist in the application for a Cyprus Residency Permit for Foreign Nationals and looking for work in Cyprus. Our services extend to companies such as setting up a business and employing foreign nationals in Cyprus.

The Cyprus Residence Permit is colloquially referred to as the yellow slip, and is a document which needs to be completed by every EU Citizen living and working in Cyprus. It can be a lengthy process to collect all required documentation, fill out the appropriate forms and attend several meetings at the immigration office.


Company & Business Services

We also work with foreign companies to incorporating a new business or relocate an existing company in Cyprus, as well offering information on employing foreign (or third country nationals) legally and efficiently with a 100% success rate.

Foreign National Employee Registration & Employment in a Company of Foreign Interests
Cyprus companies employing non-EU nationals must fulfil eligibility criteria or register your company in order to become eligible. Companies may apply for the employment of foreign country nationals in various roles as required within any organisation. These can range from Executive Directors, Middle Management, or even supporting employee roles such as Accountants, Customer Service Officers or HR Personnel.

Registering an Employee Following Company Registration at the Immigration Office:

After a company has been successfully set up a registered, the first third country national can then be registered and consequently employed, for a maximum of one fiscal year, and the subsequent employee for a maximum of two fiscal years, as per their employment contract with their respective company. If the worker currently resides outside of Cyprus, then an entry permit can be issued to the individual primarily.

If the member of staff has already entered Cyprus, (for example using a valid Provisa) then the registration can be completed with the potential employee in Cyprus.

Eltoma Property have a specialised team of Immigration Officers and Qualified Cyprus Bar Solicitors with extensive experience in all matters regarding work for foreign country nationals within Europe, including residency and work permits. Our team can assist with the process for you and your entire family. For more information, contact us.


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