Different Types of Residency & Long-term Visas in Cyprus

Non-EU/EEA Nationals may make an application to obtain a residency or long-term visas for entry into Cyprus and residency on a more permanent basis.

An immigration permit must be evaluated by the Cyprus Immigration Control Board, who will categorize the application and send a recommendation to the Minister of Interior that will either approve or deny the application accordingly.

The Immigration Control Board will choose one of the following categories for all applications. It is important to understand which group you will fall under to ensure you meet the requirements.

Long-Term Cyprus Visa Types:

Category A: Self-employed individuals in agriculture or farming that they have in their possession adequate land or means to allow for such, by having capital of approximately EUR €430,000 at their disposal.

Category B: Self-employed individuals in mining enterprises in the Republic, as long as they have in their possession a relative permit, they have a capital of approximately EUR €350,000 at their disposal.

Category C: Multiple entry visa, valid for 1 – 5 years Self-employed individuals in a trade or profession in the Republic, as long as they have a relative permit, and capital of approximately EUR €260,000 at their disposal.

Category D: Individuals who are self-employed in a profession or science. They must have proof of academic or professional qualifications, which there is a demand for on the island. Proof of possession of adequate funds available is also required.

Category E: Individuals who have been offered permanent employment in Cyprus, who will not create undue local competition.

Category F: Individuals who can show proof that they have a secured annual income at their disposal. The amount must be sufficient to allow the applicants to live comfortably in Cyprus, without having to work in any business or profession again.

The most popular and common Visas are Category E & F. The below mentions more requirements about these Visa Category F specifically:

The annual income required should be at least EUR €9,569 for a single applicant for a single applicant and at least EUR €4,614 for every dependent. Applicants should be prepared that The Immigration Control Board may request additional sums as necessary. Most applicants come under Category E or F; the majority of them are usually retirees from the UK, China and Russia.

When a non-EU Member purchases a property for EUR €300,000 or more for themselves and their family, the application for Permanent Residence Category F will be examined more favourably. Read more about it here.

Schengen Visa Type: Double or Multiple Entry into Cyprus

As well as the above, non-EU Nationals are also required to apply for a Schengen Visa. However, holders of a valid Schengen visa who have already entered the Schengen area may travel to Cyprus without a Cyprus national visa and reside in Cyprus for as long as the remainder of the Schengen visa is valid until.


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