Cyprus Travel Series: Best Waterfalls to Visit on the Island

When picturing Cyprus, thoughts of sweeping blue coastlines and rocky shores come to mind. However, the average tourist should definitely consider some of the greener day trips that this small yet diverse island has to offer.

Not only does Cyprus have a delightful selection of different types of waterfalls; often than not a small hike is required to reach them. This makes them all the more elusive, away from the roadside, and making visitors work up a sweat to experience them in nature. The following waterfalls and trails are recommended for parties of all ages and abilities:


Kaledonia Falls

Standing an impressive 12 metres in height; Kaledonia Waterfalls is one of the highest waterfalls in Cyprus It is located a short hike from Platres Village in the small village of Troodos.

The Name Kaledonia Falls originates from the swallow birds who sing in forests and surrounding areas during the spring and summer months.

Kaledonia waterfall is surrounded by a beautiful forest with breathtaking views.  The trail leading to the waterfall is 3 kilometres long and is mostly uphill. To reach the falls will take the average walker about 2 hours or longer if you aren’t good with stairs or uphill terrain.

For those without a good level of fitness, they can skip the nature trail to a 20-minute walk from Aedonion road by the trout farm in Pano Platres.


Millomeris Waterfalls

The water of Millomeri falls from a height of 15 metres and is one of the highest natural waterfalls on the island. Until recently, the Millomeri waterfall was not known because its location was not accessible. Today, the waterfall attracts many modern visitors and tourists with its natural beauty.

The trail is considered to be easy to intermediate level. No special footwear is required due to being a well-established pathway, however we wouldn’t recommend wearing sandals, even though you may want to wet your feet at the end!


Mesa Potamos Waterfalls

Mesa Potamos Waterfall are situated on the river bed of Arkolachanias river (mesa Potamos), northwest of Saitas near the Timios Prodromos Monastery at Mesa Potamos at an altitude of 1000m.

The height of the waterfall is 7 metres; the vegetation and fauna of the area is similar to that in Kaledonia Falls.

Mesa Potamos is named after the river. From Moniatis village, the distance is about 5.5km and is better to reach via car than on foot, unless you want to take on an all-day trail.


Adonis Baths Waterfalls

Adonis Baths located in Kili close to Paphos, is the perfect day trip for anyone visiting Cyprus interested in Greek Mythology and likes to be surrounded by nature and tranquil waters; it is truly a beautiful and unique area in Cyprus and is the least impressive double fall on the list due to its low height.

However what makes this special is meaning and background behind pool; being steeped in Greek Mythological culture and the subsequent grand statues.

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