Applying for a Cyprus Residency Permit as a Foreign National

The Cyprus Residence Permit is colloquially referred to as the yellow slip, and is a document which needs to be completed by every EU Citizen living and working in Cyprus. It can be a lengthy process to collect all required documentation, fill out the appropriate forms and attend several meetings at the immigration office, especially if Greek or English are not your first languages.

For non EU citizens, the document is more commonly called a pink slip; the application for which can be even more complex and bureaucratic, however once your temporary residence visa is issued, it is valid indefinitely, and will not require reapplication or renewal.

For all appointments, the immigration office has to be visited in person to book an appointment, you will be given a list of necessary information and documents to bring, (you can appoint someone to go on your behalf, however, bookings over the phone are not permitted) which you will be expected to bring to your next scheduled appointment (typically 2-3 weeks in advance). Even if one document is incorrect or missing, the application completion will be postponed, and you will have to wait another 2-3 weeks for another appointment.

We have a team of Immigration Officers and Qualified Cyprus Bar Solicitors with extensive experience in all matters regarding work and residency permits that can assist you with the entire process.

The process for a Cyprus residency application includes:

• Supplying a fully comprehensive list of required information.
• Support and troubleshooting throughout the process.
• Collect prerequisite documentation.
• Correctly filling out all forms on your behalf to the high standard as required.
• Arrange all appointments with the Immigration office.
• Attend all appointments on your behalf so you don’t have to go.
• Return your personal documents via courier.

As with all legislation, immigration laws are constantly changing and our professionals can keep you up to date and in the loop! Contact us for help and support, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about obtaining your Cyprus Residency Permit.

We can assist in the application for a Cyprus Residency Permit for EU Nationals and individuals married to or a dependency of a Cyprus national.


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