Cyprus ranks in New York Times Top Places to Visit in 2017

The New York Times has released a list of 52 places to explore in 2017 and Cyprus and Greece both made the respected travel list. While Canada took first place, Cyprus came in at number 21 out of 52 other places to visit.

The entire island has many remarkable and notable points of interest including ancient ruins and archaeological sites; however the New York Times gave special attention to the city of Paphos, which has also been crowned the 2017 European Capital of Culture by the European Union.

“Paphos has prepared many interesting events for its role as a Capital of Culture that focus on European life and traditions; it would be shame to miss it, especially if you are travelling from other continents.” The publication stated.

The article also mentioned a number of renewed attractions around the island, especially in Nicosia, where in 2014; the AG Leventis Gallery opened its collection of over 800 pieces of art. The Gallery is home to three collections: the Paris Collection, the Greek Collection and the more recent Cyprus Collection acquired by Cypriot Entrepreneur and avid Collector Mr Anastasios G. Leventis.

The newly refurbished Altius Boutique Hotel and trendy hot spots like the Cook Shop, and the Pivo Microbrewery also got a mention as interesting places to eat and high quality accommodation in the capital; giving Cyprus a high ranking compared t0 2016, when the island didn’t make the list.

Just below Cyprus in 22nd spot, features Australia with the Great Barrier Reef that stretches for more than 2,000 kilometres along the coastline in Queensland, also received a mention as the main attraction for the country in 2017.


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