Cyprus Passport vs Malta Passport: Which is Better?

Cyprus and Malta are arguably two of the most favourable citizenship-by-investment locations in Europe and the EU due to the high level of global passport ranking and ease of investment procedures within both countries, however which is better?



Both Cyprus and Malta are historically rich islands, with a beautiful Mediterranean climate. Both jurisdictions have sound infrastructure, and as a citizen of either you could also live, work and study in any other EU destination; great for families with young children. Generally, both islands are popular relocation destinations with large expat communities.

Cyprus Malta
Official Languages: Greek, Turkish & English Maltese, Italian & English
Global Crime Rate Ranking: 23rd safest 25th safest
2018 Quality of Life Ranking: 166.99  (Very high) 141.44  (High)

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Passport ranking

It’s reported that 15 of the 20 most desirable second citizenships are European; based on a large variety of quality of life factors, however global travel and EU membership is an undeniably influential advantage both passports. Here’s how the passports of the two jurisdictions rank globally and compare side by side:

Cyprus Malta
Visa-free or visa-on-arrival: 150 countries 156 countries
2018 Global Power Ranking: 13th 7th


The passports from both countries are ranked within the top 15, with Malta being ranked within the top 10, allowing for visa free travel to 150 destinations or more. So while Cyprus beats Malta by a very slim margin for Quality of life ranking, Malta comes through with the slightly stronger passport for travelling.


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