Why Cyprus?

Cyprus’ strategic location means that the island is the centre of 3 continents: Europe, Asia and Africa,  with a rich in history & culture, making it a favourable travel destination for both business and relaxation.

Being in the middle of bustling ferry and airplane routes has made the island a major trading hub and contributed significantly to the growth and reputation as an international business centre. Not only for commerce, the island is an extremely popular destination for millions of holidaymakers seeking leisurely travel each year.


The Republic of Cyprus Data & Geographic Statistics

 Local Currency:   euro €
 Official Language  Greek
Other Languages: 

English is widely spoken.

Turkish is also spoken in the north

 Population:   1,189,949*
The Total Land Mass: 

 9,243 Km2

(3,569 sq. miles)

 Average Life Expectancy:  79 years*
 Continent:   Europe
 EU Member State:    Yes
 Government:  Presidential Representative Democratic Republic*
Legal System:

 Common Law

(Constitutional Law ended in 1975 with the island divide)

*Figures are correct as of September 2017, source: United Nations, Wikipedia.


Population Demographics

The people of Cyprus are generally divided into two foremost cultural societies, Greek Cypriots & Turkish Cypriots, who share some cultural behaviours however maintain distinct separations based on religion, ethnicity, language, and close relations with their individual homelands. Before the disagreement commencement from approximately 1963, the inhabitants of Cyprus (then 78% Greek Cypriots, 17% Turkish Cypriots, 5% miscellaneous) were disseminated over the whole island. Click here to read more about the island divide.


The Beautiful Scenery & Wildlife

Explorers, hikers and photographers alike are delighted with the scenery of Cyprus unfolds across golden coastlines, crystal waters, and rocky peninsulas. From the warm shores of the mainland to the unspoiled greenery in the tranquil Troodos mountain range. As the island sits in a direct migration path, Cyprus is a birdwatchers and nature lovers paradise. With flamingos frequenting the salt lakes, and rare Mouflon roaming freely in the forests, Cyprus’ national animal. Catching a glimpse of this shy, wild ram is a real treat for residents and visitors alike.


Typical Cyprus Cuisine

Cypriots love food, so it’s therefore no surprise that the countries local cuisine is so expansive and rich. Due to the islands geographical location there is an interesting combination of traditional Greek, Turkish and Arabic culinary influences. Click here to read more about the local cuisine in Cyprus.

From spectacular sunrises to magnificent sunsets, the natural allure and charm of Cyprus is awe inspiring, all waiting to be uncovered!