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Why do Russian Businesses Enjoy Doing Business in Cyprus?

Russian businesses and Entrepreneurs alike have always been interested in Cyprus as a business centre, mostly due to its tax regime, with double taxation agreements included, European Union membership, and Russian amiability, a study has found. Russia Doing Business in Cyprus 2017: Measuring Quality & Efficiency reported that 85%...

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Cyprus: Who are the Wealthy Elite That Bought EU Citizenship?

A leaked list of names reveals the extent to which Russian and Ukrainian politically elite have driven Cyprus’s citizenship-by-investment schemes which, according to the government, has generated over €4B in Cyprus based investments since 2013. Prior to 2013, Cypriot citizenship was granted on a flexible basis by MPs, in...

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Buying a Permanent Home in Cyprus for Relocation & Living

Who can buy property in Cyprus? If you are planning to permanently relocate, or use your Cyprus property to live permanently, there are many tax advantages to owning only one property and making yourself a permanent tax resident. EU citizens have the right to live and work anywhere within...

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Employer’s Obligations in Cyprus: Who is Covered?

Employers in Cyprus have an obligation to their employees, applicable to the terms and conditions as specified in the relevant contractual agreement. In the event of any disagreements arising, the Department of Labour will offer support and protection in case of any breach of contract by the employer. However,...

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Issuing Cyprus Residency Permits for Foreign Nationals

We can assist in the application for a Cyprus Residency Permit for Foreign Nationals and looking for work in Cyprus. Our services extend to companies such as setting up a business and employing foreign nationals in Cyprus. The Cyprus Residence Permit is colloquially referred to as the yellow slip,...

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