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Cyprus vs Portugal From an Expats Perspective

What really are the differences between 2 similar EU destinations for an expat that has experienced both? This article considers the advantages and drawbacks between island Mediterranean life in Cyprus and continental Portugal. While many European countries attract significant numbers of expats there is no doubt that Portugal and...

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Cyprus: Problems with the Buy-to-Let Property Culture

For any business savvy investor, buy-to-let properties are no stranger as a secure and relatively stable asset return which can open opportunities for various visa schemes within Europe too; more specifically in Cyprus too in popular localities such as the Famagusta region. The current tourist hotspots are towns of...

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Cyprus Look into Furthering Transport Links with Mainland Europe

EU islands such as Cyprus need to step up communication efforts in order to improve connectivity  gaps or difficulties with mainland Europe, Violeta Bulc has remarked; a Slovenian politician who is currently serving as European Commissioner for Transport. Addressing members of the ‘Connecting Europe’ conference she stated: “I think...

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An Introduction to Buying a Holiday Home in Cyprus

Many people buy a holiday home in Cyprus with a view to living there permanently or semi-permanently when they retire due to the many benefits of the classic, slow-paced Mediterranean lifestyle. Traditionally, Cyprus has been a sought after location for overseas buyers looking for a holiday home or secondary...

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