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Cyprus Property Owners to be Notified of Any Significant Change in Property Value

  Last week, the Cyprus supreme court passed legislation mandating the obligation to inform all property owners on the island of any significant change in the value of their property as reasonably held by the Cyprus Land Registry. The legislative proposal was passed by a unanimous vote in Cyprus...

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Cyprus Property Demand on the Continued Rise: Risk of Property Bubble?

Asked recently about the rapid growth of high-rise apartments and building ventures in Limassol, the Chief of the Department of Lands & Surveys in Cyprus stressed that the only concern is whether the high demand will create another property bubble as history repeats itself. The Chief also stipulated that...

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Common Contractual Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Cyprus Property

Have you conducted all the relevant research for purchasing your new property in Cyprus? Now it’s the vital final stages; signing the contracts and finalising all agreements. A common scenario for many property owners on the island is that even after transferring funds to secure the property, the title...

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