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Employee Rights & Obligations in Cyprus Employment Law

Generally speaking, the labour laws in the Republic of Cyprus are extremely transparent and informative. This means that current legislation clearly states duties of companies and employers overall to give rights to employees in the event of a dispute or wrongdoing on behalf of either party contract to an...

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Cyprus Employment Law: Different Contract Types

Cyprus Employment Law makes a clear distinction  between an employment contract for service and a contract for multiple services. The current system in Cyprus is effective, fair and companies generally aim to follow the legislation carefully, like most countries in Europe. The law identifies two types of employment contracts for Cyprus companies:...

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Why Foreign Workers Can’t Work in the Public Sector in Cyprus

Many people arrive in Cyprus without having previous employment, hoping to find work there, so after you start working for a new company, what about your rights as an employee in Cyprus and the employment laws on the island? The legislation regarding employment in Cyprus currently states that the...

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