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Buying a Permanent Home in Cyprus for Relocation & Living

Who can buy property in Cyprus? If you are planning to permanently relocate, or use your Cyprus property to live permanently, there are many tax advantages to owning only one property and making yourself a permanent tax resident. EU citizens have the right to live and work anywhere within...

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An Introduction to Buying a Holiday Home in Cyprus

Many people buy a holiday home in Cyprus with a view to living there permanently or semi-permanently when they retire due to the many benefits of the classic, slow-paced Mediterranean lifestyle. Traditionally, Cyprus has been a sought after location for overseas buyers looking for a holiday home or secondary...

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Strong Growth Prospects for Cyprus: 2017 Economic Update

Cyprus is currently undergoing a broad based recovery, with assurance and stability returning after three years of ruthless reforms and austerity measures to stabilise the financial sector and refine public capital. Economic growth on the island is now driven by stable consumption and a vibrant tourism sector. Let’s look...

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Cyprus Food: What Can You Expect From the Local Offering?

Cypriots love food, so it’s therefore no surprise that the countries local cuisine is so expansive and rich. Due to the islands geographical location there is an interesting combination of traditional Greek, Turkish and Arabic culinary influences. At the weekend, families and friends get together either to eat at...

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