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Why do Russian Businesses Enjoy Doing Business in Cyprus?

Russian businesses and Entrepreneurs alike have always been interested in Cyprus as a business centre, mostly due to its tax regime, with double taxation agreements included, European Union membership, and Russian amiability, a study has found. Russia Doing Business in Cyprus 2017: Measuring Quality & Efficiency reported that 85%...

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Cyprus: Problems with the Buy-to-Let Property Culture

For any business savvy investor, buy-to-let properties are no stranger as a secure and relatively stable asset return which can open opportunities for various visa schemes within Europe too; more specifically in Cyprus too in popular localities such as the Famagusta region. The current tourist hotspots are towns of...

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Cyprus Property Regulation

The Republic of Cyprus (“Cyprus”) has a strategic position geographically, acting as a meeting point for Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This has contributed to the importance of the country for international business, leisurely travel and investment in general; Real Estate investment being one of the most...

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