Cape Greco National Forest Park, Protaras

Cape Greco National Forest Park is a beautiful and protected National Forest Park and conservation area of Cape Greco is a Natura 2000 site that boasts over 400 hectares of unspoiled natural Cyprus landscape with hidden coves that meet the water’s edge.

The park incorporates a network of nature trails – lined with Calabrian pine trees and Phoenician junipers – as well as specialist cycling paths, with benches along the way. The Aphrodite Nature Trail is a 2km long trail that runs along the southeast coast of the Cape Greco headland, and is part of the Aphrodite Cultural Route that honors the island’s link with the Ancient Greek Goddess.



The wooded area was once more of a forest however the area is now covered with more low level foliage, making it home to many reptiles such as lizards and snakes and small animals such as hares and hedgehogs. You will also notice a large number of birds flying overhead and bats in the evening.
The majority of birds on the island are migratory, with five varieties and two prevalent species: the Cyprus wheatear being one of them, a bird that breeds on the island in the winter and autumnal months.


Not to be Missed

From walking by the limestone sea cliffs, the view points along the way are a real treat and overlook the areas famous crystal clear waters. If you are interested in doing watersports on your holiday, Cape Greco is the best place to hire is also highly popular for diving and boat trips to the many caves, where an underwater world awaits discovery.
There is a small traditional church called Ayii Anargyri that is a great spot, with steps that lead down to a hidden cave right by the water’s edge.


Fun Fact

The most interesting way to see all the sights of the Cape Greco area is the Sea Caves off-road safari which will take you to the most special photo spots.



Located east of Agia Napa and southeast of Protaras, Cape Greco can be easiest reached by car and is only 5-10 minutes from Ayia Napa. Leaving Ayia Napa in the direction of Protaras, then take the first right turn when you see the Grecian Bay Hotel and signs to Cape Greco.

The local bus route 101-102 runs through Cape Greco Park.

Hiring a buggy: Mopeds, quad bikes and beach buggies are a popular way to reach Cape Greco due to the rocky terrain and narrow pathways.

Photo Credit: Nicolas Ktorides

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