Buying Property in Cyprus as an Investment

Both Eltoma Property and Eltoma Corporate Services is strategically placed in the old town of Limassol in the heart of the local Cyprus market to offer a unique service level regarding the provision of relocation and moving services for clients who wish to explore land and property investment opportunities on this wonderfully diverse and attractive island.

Through strict due diligence checks and the implementation of the appropriate financial and legal structures Eltoma Property offer a secure and stress-free solution to investing in Cyprus Real Estate, relocation and visa assistance.

Regarding investment, there are several means of investment that our experts can consult on, which can be further broken down to three main categories:

  • Lifestyle investment/purchase – this may be a holiday villa or apartment, or even a purchase for permanent residency.
  • Investment with yield returns – with property prices reaching the bottom, there are opportunities for rental yields and longer term capital appreciation to be had.
  • Joint venture investment schemes – with the advent of the global financial crisis there are opportunities for development scheme financing with local partners and companies, all with differing levels of risk and return on investment.

Our local experts are trained and qualified in real estate and construction and all associated legal and financial matters, they can help you assess what your requirements are and exactly what it is you are trying to achieve. Eltoma will then work with you to ensure that whatever transaction takes place is structured in the most effective and efficient way possible given your own unique financial profile.

Despite the current economic crisis and global recession, land and real estate will always be a valuable and tangible commodity, now is the time to take advantage of opportunities and invest in assets at the “bottom of market”.

The two most popular areas are the cosmopolitan and vibrant city of Limassol with its many suburbs and the UNESCO world heritage tourist city of Paphos. To learn more about the different cities in Cyprus, click here.

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