Buying & Owning a Car in Cyprus

Due to the lack of public transport on the island, buying a car once you have indefinitely moved to Cyprus is almost obligatory. You do not have to be a permanent resident in order to buy a car in Cyprus, the only thing you have to show is full insurance coverage and proof of road tax payment.


Ownership of a Second Hand Car in Cyprus

Changing the ownership of a vehicle can be done at the Department of Road Transport (DoRT).

The following documents and at least one photocopy are required:

  • Identification, e.g. passport of both buyer and seller.
  • Department of Road Tax test certificate, also called an MOT certificate.
  • Proof of insurance coverage, provided by the buyer.
  • The document, which is needed for the change of ownership, has to be signed by the seller and the buyer.


Car Insurance in Cyprus

EU law states all vehicles are required to have at least third party liability insurance. This means that you take out insurance against personal injury and material damage caused by the vehicle.

Cyprus has signed the Multilateral Guarantee Agreement (MGA). This says that vehicles legally insured in the European Union are automatically insured in Cyprus. In case of an accident do not move the cars from the road and call the police and insurance companies immediately. If there are no doubts in terms of the responsibility of blame, we would recommend taking the other driver’s details such as name, address and insurance details to be on the safe side and to avoid any loss of entitlements.


Road Tax in Cyprus

An annual circulation tax (road tax) is payable for vehicles in Cyprus. This is calculated based on engine capacity and charged per calendar year (which in Cyprus runs from 1st January to 31st December). Tax is paid online here and records are kept electronically.

Documents required to obtain road tax:

  • A valid Department of Road Transport Vehicle Test Certificate (or MOT).
  • Vehicle insurance (third party insurance is required in Cyprus as a minimum).
  • The registration documents (also called a log book).


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