Aphrodite’s Beer Brewing Tour: Cyprus Travel Series

For anyone visiting Cyprus, a unique half-day trip can be taken to the quaint village of Tsada in Paphos; the tour can be enjoyed year-round; in the colder months warm up in a traditional local tavern, and in the summer-months enjoy the gardens and an ice-cold selection of specialty-brewed beers.

Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company is a family run business with ancient-style machinery used dating back to when ancient Bronze Age breweries on the island started brewing craft beer.

Visitors can discover the history of brewing in Cyprus on a short tour, and afterwards sample a range of craft beers, with the most popular and unique being:

  • Bavarian Lager.
  • Irish Red Ale.
  • American-style Pale Ale.
  • KEO & Leon- 2 locally brewed Cypriot beers.

Not to be Missed

The free tour covers a fully-operational microbrewery, where guests can small batches of handcrafted beers being made using water from a local natural spring. Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing is one of the very first craft breweries to be licensed on the island, and the beer samples are charged extra, but we would recommend doing the tasting if you enjoy sampling interesting beer from around the world. There is also a restaurant onsite with a beer garden which is lovely for the summer months.

Image: Traditional brewing methods used only by microbreweries nowadays. KEO Breweries are definitely using more industrial methods in 2018!

Top tip: Should with to dine at the restaurant, the staff are extremely knowledgeable about crafting and can help you pick the right beer to compliment your meal perfectly.

After you have finished the tour, if you drove to Paphos, on your return, there is a nice scenic route to walk off any sluggishness from the beer samples on the way home. In Polis there is a scenic nature trail for inexperienced hikers.

Pano Akourdaleia Herb Garden is also a lovely place to stop off on the way back to central Paphos and the rest of island, especially if you coincide your visit with the local farmer’s market in summer which is extremely popular on Sundays however has no organised annual schedule.


In order to get to the brewery from outside of Paphos, we would recommend hiring a car and assigning a designated driver! If everyone wants to taste the offerings, alternatively there are frequent buses from Paphos Harbour to Karavella and Polis. The routes are somewhat sporadic on the weekend so we would recommend organising a trip to the brewery on a weekday if bus is your chosen option.

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