The Eltoma Group was established in 2004. Our offices are effective in a growing number of jurisdictions and continents: in Cyprus (Limassol), the UK, Singapore, Russia (St. Petersburg & Moscow) and Ukraine (Kiev) with offices set to open in Hong Kong later this year.

About Us

Due to the increasing requirements for Controlled Foreign Companies and also the increasing interest in an acquisition of real estate abroad, since 2016 one of our key business lines has expanded into the property market in Cyprus.

Investing in real estate in Cyprus is a reality, thanks to the growing property market on the island and consequently an expanding portfolio of properties with Eltoma Property. We provide a convenient platform to discover properties to suit any tastes within a budget of €200 000 to €14 million euros in a variety of cities (Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Peyia, etc.).

For those who haven’t yet decided on the acquisition of the real estate, there are a selection of rental options.

Our local specialists deliver outstanding professional assistance which includes but is not limited to:

  • Property.
  • Mortgage lending: housing loans & financing options.
  • Providing comprehensive client support throughout the entire purchasing process.
  • Comprehensive covering of the legal & financial aspects of relocating to Cyprus.
  • Client consultations on tax & banking matters.
  • Processing visa applications: Naturalisation Through Investment schemes, obtaining documents for temporary & permanent residency in the Republic of Cyprus (referred to as yellow & pink slip).

In our partners’ portfolio of properties, you will find developers with vast experience, first-class realtors, highly professional real estate experts, as well as investors.

We would be happy to provide assistance if you are looking for more information on any relocation, tax or property purchasing matters in Cyprus. We exclusively share updated information any amendments to Cyprus legislation and other aspects of purchasing real estate abroad on our website.

Partners and associate organisations:

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